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I have a 98 R Astra (mk3) Automatic 1.6 16v and in the past few days I have been experiencing a loss of power.

When traveling up hill somewhere between 35-40mph I have lost all power, it has slowed gradually and the oil light has come on, this has happened twice in the last three days in similar circumstances.

The first time it happened the engine cut out completely but not the second time, I pulled over and restarted the engine and there were no lights on and the car ran fine after this.

The second time it happened i put my foot down the engine was turning over but no power came from the engine, I pushed the sport button the back end dropped and you could tell that it had come on but still no power untill I stopped and turned the engine back on

Can anyone offer any assistance, I have to admit that I didnt notice the engine cut out the first time it happened as I had my stereo on bopping away to Mr Farenheit so I dont know if I hadnt noticed this time wether the engine would have cut out again, the oil level is fine and the filter was changed recently also the temperature guage is reading normal.

Any help or thoughts would be appreciated, I am going to the garage on tuesday but want some ideas before hand as they are replacing my mid section of exhaust a drop link and a suspensiuon bush while its there


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