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First of all i would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who looked after me over the weekend, the lap dancing was an interesting experience!

How me and rob started the weekend, well firstly finishing work at 2 in the morning then being up for 9 is not a good idea :lmao:, after much changing of how the car was going to be packed we got the beer. Mark and us then set off on our journey with the occasional hard shoulder stop!

We met up with everyone and then set off for pvs. Once there we set up our tent and then had a quick look around, after a few beers we were fed and eventually went to sleep.

4 am saturday morning and the wake up call came from the chavs!:lmao:

6am - mudbath and some interesting comments from the lads whilst attempting to remove their cars from the bath.

10 am pip awakes - theres a first time for everything!
The rest of the day was great fun, poor emma had a bad ear, phil next time put your tent on the other side of emma's to even out the ear ache!

After much looking around and fun from the track it was back to the camping area where alex fed us again with no food poisoning!:lmao:
10 beers later i joined the lads for more beer and lap dancing and proceeded to get sloshed! Whilst slowly throughout the evening becoming a bloke rob was back at the camp experimenting with the theory of what burns.

12 am pip is more than tipsy and promises rob she will only be a few minutes.

3am sunday - pip is being walked back to the tent after trying to chat up some random security gaurd who found her amusing, and giggling enough to wake up the chavs from the previous nite!:lmao:

4am sunday - pip wakes rob up and then proceeds to be all over the place and poor Morph was having to hold her up! Morph returns pip to the car where she tells rob all about the lap dancers!

7am sunday - pip is awake through fear of hayley waking her up:lmao:

After more mudbath fun the cars where shades of brown and much rain, work decides to add to their contribution of the weekend and make us come home for robs shift tomorrow, they are nice people honest.

So we packed up our tent and headed back with mark to sunny bristol.

It was an excellent weekend and very funny its was really nice to meet the new people and to see those we already know and guess what the beer monster(pip) may well attend billing!:lmao:

Pictures will follow soon xxx:Cool2::lmao::D
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