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As mentioned in our other thread, our Abarth 595 Turismo met a sudden and sad end after being wiped out by a third party whilst the wife was just coming home from work last summer - total loss and needing replacement;

Insurance all finally resolved and closed out;

Day after collision;

Insurance provided a replacement car due to the dead one being under 12m old as part of the terms of our policy.

Replacement car is now sold. We didn’t want it but declining the option would have resulted in the GAP not paying out, so we reluctantly took it.
Anyway, with the replacement car gone we sorted a replacement of our choosing and this time after searching locally found an ideal thing which was with our preferred dealer (sold us the previous 2 Abarths).

So, we went to collect our 595C Competizione and I now have a happy wife again....

Spec on these is;
- 595C - the C denotes Convertible/Cabrio...
- 1.4 T-Jet 180PS version
- Abarth ‘Monza’ exhaust - valved for more noise under load
- Alloy Oil/Fuel caps
- Brembo 4-Piston brakes with 305mm discs
- Koni FSD front & Rear suspension
- 17” Alloys
- Sabelt Bucket Seats - cloth/alcantara
- Half Leather floormats with ‘Abarth’ alloy retainer screws
- Carbon details - door sills, steering trims
- Anthracite details in interior
- Alloy gearshift/pedals
- Climate Contol
- TTC (basic e-diff type thing)
- Digital instrument cluster
- ICE with USB/Bluetooth/Voice/App connectivity blah blah
- Auto dim RVM
- Satin Black/Grey exterior items - handles, grilles, mirrors etc.
- Black splitter/diffuser trims

This model features just a couple of the choice extras;
Modena Yellow paintwork.... (again!)
Xenon Headlights
Satin Grey Side Stripes

We then had the same bonnet stripe we had on the Turismo before added in the satin grey finish to match the sides.

More pics to follow later - weather was grim this weekend...

First impressions are good - it shifts, very well - boosts hard and just goes. Sabelts are firm but support in the right places and are comfortable. Suspension is harder but feels good. Noise is much better than before too, but will test this more when I get the car alone...

Boot access is comical, small lid and entry but space is the same as the hatch. Roof comes right back to sit on top of the hatch too.

First thing to do is fit a couple of bits we had from before and then once the V5 arrives, get her Reg Plate on as it wouldn’t work yesterday online then we are set.


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Well, been a while!

We’ve had this for over a year now, and it’s been great, as per the last two...

I keep finding myself putting the rood back, it’s a fairly nice place to be too considering the cheapo city car it’s based on.

We’ve (I’ve...) made a few changes over the last 12+ months which I’ll share below!

First thing, fitted and hardwired a Nextbase in. An obvious move given our first hand experience of how valuable footage is for insurance if ever needed!

Following this, some gloss black Plastidip was ordered and the body badges were all coated, as well as the front fog surrounds;

The next change was to get a Yellow paint pen and paint the grille moulding to emphasise the ‘ABARTH’ that is incorporated into the mesh as standard;


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Then, after convincing the wife, managed to agree to get some H&Rs to try to settle out the suspension as well as give it a slight drop - this included changing out the factory rear bumpstops to those fitted to the Fiat Coupe which are shorter and help prevent bottoming out on the OE stops which are excessively long to start with;

The next change only came about as somebody was selling an alternative air feed hose from a European tuner, as they were returning their car to standard so picked it up as a bit of a bargain - that was promptly fitted and now provides a cold air feed from the scuttle area, giving some induction noises and some BOV whooshes from the recircs into the airbox - nothing obnoxious... (note, scuttle end of pipe is squared and isn’t crushed as it may appear.);

Cleaned & treated the soft top over the winter to remove gank and give some waterproofing. Worked well!;

Attended the first Haynes breakfast club meet this year with a regional owners group;

Then Lockdown. Nothing much more to share - a number of washes and treatments because of the spare time available - and a small detail by changing the dash logoto the ‘500C’ variant which is used on earlier Cabrio Abarths and I believe all Fiat 500Cs. But, took the opportunity to change the colouring to suit our car specifically;

Finally and going back just 3 weeks ago, the only problem we’ve had with it - Windscreen cracked straight up the middle from a small chip under a wiper, so that was replaced with a nice shiny one;

And a few other shots;

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