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Vauxhall Omega Estate GLS 2.0 16V
1995 “M” registration

Mileage 152128
MOT until 11 October 2006
Tax until 31 October 2006

We have owned this car since 2001 and it has been very good to us. However my wife starts a new job in January and it is time to say goodbye to the Omega.

It has had a pre MOT check and has failed with various problems, mostly suspension related. It also needs a couple of new tyres and some other bits and bobs. There is an oil leak which I think is coming from the rocker cover gasket, we have had the engine steam cleaned to try to pinpoint this. The engine breathers need to be cleaned out or replaced. Last year I had to replace the heater matrix and the radiator, and I never managed to reassemble the glove box, passenger airbag and ashtray correctly. There is a small rust patch approx 2” diameter on the passenger door which I have treated but not resprayed. The boot does not open on the central locking, you need to put the key in to open boot. Also it is not the tidiest Omega estate you will ever see. My wife struggled to manage the size of the car and it has several bumps, dings and scrapes. The MOT checklist / fail sheet is available for e-mailing to you, I can also send pictures if you want them.

~It’s massive! We recently had to move some furniture and this car swallowed it whole. A Volvo or a Passat would have been useless by comparison, in fact I think the only thing that comes close size wise are those old Mercedes C Series estates, or a transit van.
~It’s comfy and roomy! We recently did two longish trips as a family (2 boys 9 and 6) in my Fiat Punto. There was hardly a moment when I didn’t wish I had taken the Omega instead. When we go camping/cycling/bike racing it is invaluable. Towbar and electrics installed (light towing only i.e. 1 motorbike on trailer). Standard roof rails are hugely useful. I have genuine VX roof bars to purchase separately if you wish for £25.
~It’s economical! We are not talking diesel territory here but drive sensibly and this car will return good MPG.
~ It’s safe! This is a big solid car. It is a lovely easy drive and excels at eating the miles up on the motorway.

The first person to turn up gets it. You have to collect from Bristol area. You can legally drive it to mid October then scrap it, or you can fix what needs doing and probably get several years use out of it. Or you can fix it up and sell it on to make a bit of cash. I would prefer it went to a VXON member on a tight budget who really needs it, but ultimately I want it off my driveway ASAP. E-mail me with any questions you have, send me your e-mail address if you want photos.

[email protected]
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