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Hi everyone!
I have owned my 2.5td AUTO for a couple of years now and I have treated it like a baby , oil changed every 3000 miles, fuel filter every 6000 and I really enjoyed driving it until yesterday
I was going up a steep hill and noticed a brief power loss and then got to my destination and noticed it was misfiring badly.
I popped the bonnet and I heard what I know as injector chuff but there was no smoke or diesel vapour that you would normally get.
On closer listening , it sounded like it was around injector 4 area and also sounded a bit clattery in the inlet manifold.
Also it also sounded like the air box was exhausting.
I drove it back home but it was at snails pace of acceleration, I still got 40 out of it.
Normally when you rev the car you can hear the viscous and also the turbo whistling but now just the fan.

If any one can help I would very much appreciate it. Thank you
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