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Where shall I start? Had the V6 veccy now for 2 years with the 3 pipe mod done & a Magnex pipe and after killing the Saab (2nd car) decided to go for an Omega 2.2 manual estate. Found a nice looking one on Ebay with tinted windows and alloys and bought it for £1400 X plate 2000 model-good buy I thought:Cool2: !!!!Resembles a hearse:lmao:
Well got it home everything seemed fine. Then a few days passed and this horrible ticking noise started:( , basically no oil-dry as a bone dipstick. Filled her with oil-sorted.
This started getting me abit worried so I looked deeper.
Next check the plugs-finger tight no need for a ratchet.
Air Filter-none. Yes people no air filter just an empty box full of crud.:grrr . Well replaced what wasn't there and was running 100% better.
Dug all the crud out from the pollen filter housing drain & replaced the pollen filter and got the air con recharged(no gas whatsoever).
I then checked on this forum regarding the fuel filter as obviously that wouldn't have been changed considering the above. Did that today and runs alot smoother with more get up & go but obviously doesn't go as well as the veccy.
My question is-is there a similar mod (3 pipe mod) that can be done to the Omega air box to give it more grunt or am I expecting too much from a 2.2. as at least one of the inlets is blanked off?
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