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Hi there,

New to the forum but been looking for a while, some really good stuff on here!

Anyway, just bought, or rather my lad has, a 2000 Corsa 1 litre 3-pot with 21K on the clock. Just changed oil, filter and plugs.

Slight issue with a cold (wet) start this morning though. Pulling away was ok but as I drove up a steepish hill the engine seemed to have no guts, as if it needed choke. Perhaps the mixture is too weak on for cold start? I revved the motor quite hard and it seemed to run ok from then on.

Also when the car was warmed up I floored the throttle and the car hesitated then began to pick up, again as if there is a weak mixture. The engine management (spanner) light came on for a moment but went out almost immediately, certainly not in 'limp home' mode.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions please?

Thanks in advance.
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