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Hey guy's / girls nice to be here :)

I have just bought my first ever vauxhall and im having a few issues.
The car is a 2001 'Y' vectra sri 150.
I have searched all over the forum with no joy as yet so here goes..

Firstly, when going through the manual box it ( 9 times out of 10 ) crunches going into fourth gear. It's not real bad but its apparent.
The rest of the gears and the clutch are fine, is this the synchro on its way out?
Is it in anyway common or ( hopefully ) is there an easy fix / adjustment?

I noticed a code on the gearbox( F23 ) will any F23 box fit petrol or diesel?
Will any gearboxes with different codes fit ( might be a dumb question LOL )

Car also knock's over bumps but I have seen some usefull info on the site and will be checking the car over tommorow ( drop links hopefully )

Sorry to fill my first ever post on this forum with questions but any awnser will be gratefully received

Shaun :D

Still proud to be a
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Hi welcome to vxon :Cool2:

I had to tighten a droplink bolt on mine, 18mm socket i believe, and a spanner.

Cant help you with the gearbox im afraid, i do know quite a few other models have an f23 but never have known if its exactly the same.

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