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Hi, getting on a bit and only on my third Vauxhall.
Previously had a two door 1.4 ltr automatic Corsa (2011) for my wife. She loved it.
Swapped that for a 2010 automatic Insignia SRI estate. I loved that but found the suspension a bit hard.
Now have a 2020 Grandland X Hybrid 4. I love it but it has some quirks. Battery capacity in Winter is significantly way below that advertised.
It's comfortable, quick and quiet. Use mainly electric mode going from home to work and return.
Having switched from a 2018 Peugeot 3008, I am disappointed that the binical is not wholly digital. The newer model is so will have to wait a few year before changing.
Also disappointed that the original price necessitates me paying just under £500 per year for the vehicles Road Tax for its first five years as its original price was over £40000 (£46000). The car certainly does not look like or drive like a £46000 vehicle (by the way I didn't pay anywhere near that).
I will keep an eye on this Forum with interest and hope to pick up tips and suggestions to help improve my Vauxhall experience.
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