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My car had a Long Term Fuel Trim malfunction (15%rich) for long before it got flooded. When the car is recovered from the water, the engine is still running, but gets very rough cold start and shakes all the time (having a bad cold obviously :). But that is all fine until it starts to struggle until I want to accelerate. Everytime, whenever I pressed the gas pedal a bit more, the engine jerks, jump forward and backward and no power is generated from the engine.
So far, I have replaced the air filter, spark plugs, HT lead, fuel filter, and cleaned the throttle body and MAF sensor. I checked the potentiometers of the throttle valve sensors, they seem to be fine.
Now it is still drivable except the accelarations. So far I have managed to keep a long queue of lorries behind me on the dualcarriage way. I don't know if this is going to be worse by time.

Any suggestions appreicated.
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