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It was quite an unfortunate day yesterday driving home from work. Something had snapped and broken off and I've been trying to diagnose it best I can, but it is Sunday and almost all local garages are closed. The car still drives and turns, and I've only realized something was wrong due to a grinding sound coming from the cabin and outside of the car, especially when driving at low speeds. Once I get past 20mph or so the noise disappears and It's impossible to tell something is wrong. On the front passenger side, looking down on the engine bay there is a bolt which is meant to be connected some sort of metal arm or joint as part of the car frame. I tried to locate the same bolt and metal bit on the other side but there's other parts and hoses blocking it off. As you can see in the pictures it has completely broken off. Would anyone know what it is and if it's a lengthy job to do for a garage? I assume it's going to be pricey as well.

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