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My weekend started with a mad dash to the scrapyard to pick some bits up for the BMW, things were going well until we got onto the dual carriageway when it started getting a bit warm, the decision was made to go back and get the vectra. Nothing special happend on the A3 was kinda boring.

On the M25 however just cruising along when i can a bright orange thing coming up in the outside lane :

The camping was a good laugh, even though we soaked up most of the rain with our clothes etc :lmao: a quick trip to the pub for the northen soul and motown night which actually just turned out to be play 2 songs then watch the fight on tv :lmao:

Today was a good day, watched Nick (shcaratz) go round the track, looked at some cars and some clunge :wub: didnt get any photo's either

To summarise i had a good weekend, was good to see everybody again sorry if i didnt say hello to everyone:Cool2:
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