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At the last minuteish I decided to go to Trax this year, I was supposed to be doing the Phantom Nationals at Felixstowe over the same weekend, but after seeing the forecast i definately made the right choice :D

So my weekend started Saturday with the trip to Costco for burgers, bangers, buns, chicken drumsticks, cheese and cookies oh and some beer :lmao:

So off i went with the plan to meet Alex and Ayden at the M1 services. I was just reaching the check point to the Peoples Republic of Toddington, when i got a call telling me the rest were stuck in traffic and will be a while.

About 45mins later the boys arrived, after a quick spot of lunch and a quick chat, mainly about clunge, we were off in convoy to Billing.

Unfortunately we all got fleeced at Billing but finally got in and found a lovely spot that was fairly dry near the river.

Up went the gazeebo with added water mist feature and my mk2 massive tent confirmed we arrived!

There was near calamity in a meat/ plastic knife related incedent, but we made it through thanks to a sharp multi tool and the bbq began.

Jayne and Tony arrived, and true to form Jayne went to the wrong field!!!

Once his sexuality had been confirmed, Nick arrived with cousin in tow and the decision was made after taking the pee out of the scouts and their tenting ability, to 'hit the bar'.

The problem was when we arrived at 'the bar' we realised we had left our 'passes' in the tent, but after i pointed out to the 'doorman' that is was peeing down, we were all soaked and stupidly attired did he think we were actually trying to 'gatecrash' he let us in!

Beer, pool and football followed while waiting for DJ John and his Northern Soul and Mowtown 'disco', oh the anticipation of a Geordie Diana Ross! (thats what Northern Soul is right??) But two records later the boxing was back on and we all agreed it was sh!t.

By the time we arrived back to the 'camping area' the river had risen about 4 inches and was getting very close to flooding out our 'village', luckily it didn't and we all survived, but the scouts had got scared and gone home, without their gazeebo!!

After a bit more drinking and another near death petrol related incedent it was off to bed.

I was the only real man in a tent, everyone else cuddled up in their cars! Bunch of girls!!

Sunday started at 6am with Nick kicking me in the head. After spending 30 mins trying to fold up my massive 2 second tent i gave up, and we left for Trax.

Due to Mark not being there our (drunk) plan was to find the stand and dump it rather than park it, but that idea was knocked on the head and with some organisation the cars were parked up (FWD gay on one side, RWD real men on the other!!)

Thanks to my PhD in Nuclear Physics, some insulation tape and chewing gum we managed to get the flags up (Jimbo was having trouble keeping his pole up) the stand was looking good, the addition of the 'show plates' was the icing on the cake :lmao:

After seeing Nick and Gaywalker (Simon) do their track time the rest of the day was spent avoiding the rain, commenting on cars (unless it was RWD or a Lancia Delta Integrale it was deeed 'gay'), checking out the clunge (whilst trying not to look like a sexpest), wondering what is the point and are there actually any rules to 'drifting' and eating overpriced food!

By about 3pm it was time for goodbyes and i was off home.

I would like to thank everyone for organising the event and everyone else for turining up, again its all of us who make these events what they are and with such a great crowd of friendly people it will always be a good 'day out'.


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I got the right field in the end :p

It was funny when you got in my car and you had to open the sunroof cos you couldnt fit :lmao: :lmao:

But had a good weekend despite the rainy weather!

It was nice to see the regulars and a couple of new faces too :)

Note for next time..

1.Bring wellies!!
2.Dont stand next to the barbeque when someone decides to throw petrol on it:lmao:

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wondering what is the point and are there actually any rules to 'drifting' and
Yes there is a very good point and the rules are accesible.
Problem is you generally need to own a Japanese car to be allowed to view the Guarded secret's of THE DRIFT :lmao:

Who wudda thought Jayne in the wrong field eh . . .
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