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Thanks to James (Jb1kenoby);

MVOC (Modified Vauxhall Owners Club) are holding a RR Day on 28th March 2009

Its going to be held at the Same venue as I have been using in the former South Central Region (and will use for the new SW Region, due to the 4WD Capabilities...)

I am going to pop along there on tuesday to book the date but we are hoping to get saturday 28th march and I will also emai Total Vauxhall to see if i could get them there, so it would be nice to get a fair few people there

Venue; TRITON MOTORSPORT, Building 461 (Blue Zone), Aviation Park West, Bournemouth International Airport, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 6NW
Triton Motorsport

Info; Capable of both 2WD (Both FWD and RWD) and 4WD Applications and it is well up to coping with large power (2800BHP IIRC)

The Dyno is in the corner of the Workshop and we can all stand there and watch the Dyno run on a Large Projected Screen in the Workshop.

There is a ramp available to check each car before running (ie Vital Fluids and Tyre Pressures) - The guys let me use a 4-Post Ramp at the last day to refit my Decat pipe too, which is nice.

There will be a Burger Van on site too - prices are reasonable

Plenty of Parking available

Pricing; Runs are £40 per Car if we have up to 15 Cars, and this will drop to £35 If we have over 15 Cars...
To add a name for the Event - please follow the link below - you WILL have to register an account with MVOC though

Cheers, Dave

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cheers dave

would be good to get a big group there as i'm going to invite total vauxhall once the list is a bit bigger

if people want to add there names in here i can always move ur name across to our list as well :)
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