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I have a 2001 movano 2.2dti. It was leaking oil so I removed the radiator, intercooler and the plastic housing to get a better look. The egr valve was not in good shape and had oil sneaking past it and running down the engine and off the oil filter housing (not a lot of oil) no problem, fixed the egr cleaned up all the oil, reassembled and did a oil change while I was at it. But the leak wasn’t just the egr, upon starting the engine I have a leak coming from next to a coolant pipe as it exits
out of the oil filter housing :( see pics. It’s not coming from above nor is it coming from where it connects to the block. My question is can it be fixed or is it stuffed? Is there a o ring inside? As I don’t know what to expect to find. Also I’m probably going to have to drain my new oil to fix this...if I run it through a fine gauze can I put it back in or am I pushing my luck? any advice appreciated!
Thank you 👍🏻
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