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Hi everyone,
I have an issue that has been posted lots of times on here about cutting out whilst driving. The van has been doing it for some time. It does not do it in 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th. If you drive it in 4th on the motorway it goes for ever. In 5th it will until it gets to a hill then it will cut out. If you accelerate in 5th 6th it will cut out but not all the time. When it feels like it at random. I have tried to break it by replicating the same scenario without luck.
It has been to the garage and has had a full service, new fuel, air and oil filters. Apparently all the sensors checked and finally diagnosed as the high pressure fuel pump. That cost £800 + £680 for the labour to fit it. It runs better but still cuts out the same way. It will do it more if there is weight in the van, the more weight, the more strain, the more often.

I have had a look in the engine for some of the suggestions I found on the forums and I have seen some strange things. I have added a couple of pictures. There are two wires just not going anywhere. Could someone tell if they are supposed to be connected to anything please?

Does the rail look OK as it doesn't look too well?

Anything shouting out at anyone in the images.

Also, as this is such an intermittent issue does anyone know a diesel specialist in the Lincolnshire / Peterborough area so I don't make the same mistake again of spending money when it isn't the issue?

Thanks in advance


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