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Anyone interested in a Mondeo V6 going cheap?

M plate hatch, auto (but box is knackered which is why its currently off the road), 95k, towbar, spoiler.

Tidy car, dont have any pics as I only went to see it quickly at lunchtime, but hopefully picking it up at the weekend.. Its a very similar colour to Rioja.

Tax and test just out, garage have seemingly said it shouldnt need anything for the MOT, but the cost of the new autobox meant that its just been taken off the road and a new car bought. Very recent waterpump and cambelt, lower arms, and think he said its recently had new brakes at the front as well.

I've only bought it for the alloys that were on it, to go onto mine, so if anyone in Aberdeen area is interested in a cheap V6, let me know on here or PM.

Not breaking - for sale complete only. Does drive, but not for any great distance due to knackered autobox.
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