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Having a garage clear out, Scrapped my old mk2 estate but kept a couple of parts, they will only be going in the bin unless somone wants them!

Set of 4 13" lattice style Vauxhall wheel trims - bit dirty but FREE!:bananasmi

Single Electric Tow bar for same car - FREE!:bananasmi

Standard grey front grille - FREE! :bananasmi

Cheap parts

Door Mirrors - grey plastic, non electric but remote adjust both sides available £10 each delivered - cheaper than the scrappy!

Headlights - both sides available, Passenger side one is a Brand new Bosch unit was on the car for a week before it was scrapped - the other one is a 2nd hand jobbie! £15 delivered each.

The free parts unless collected will just cost you the postage - I'm just trying to help someone keep their pride and joy on the road! LOL!
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