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My Meriva B is suffering with this same issue as [Meriva B] [2010 ---] - Meriva b 2010 fuse box burnt

Fuel pump relay burns the relay box connections under it and makes starting the car a headache.
I saw on this forum (thanks by the way!) that there's a repair kit for the relay box: 13435493

Searching 13435493 on the Internet, I don't find anything. Is this to be ordered at the dealership only? Do you people have a photo of what the kit looks like? Is it only a wire / connection repair kit, or does it include a new relay as well? Is the relay at fault here, or is it the relay box?

Here's my case: car sometimes won't start, unplugging and replugging the relay is for now enough to make it start, but at some point this will fail too and I'll be left stranded on the road.
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BR, Sev
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