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The central locking on my Meriva 04 plate has started to play up. When I try to unlock using the key fob the drivers door unlocks, but then the knob inside the door start jumping up and down, the central locking goes mad a handful of times and then locks again. It will only open and stay open if I use the key in the door lock. Once I'm in, if I pull the inside handle to open the door, the system locks itself. I've got to hold the button in the door up, when I pull the handle in order to get out.

If I get out the car and push the door closed, all doors lock. If I manage to close the door without it locking, when I lift the handle from the outside, it locks. Cant get in. Anyway, I have a feeling it's something to do with the button in the door as this always seems to be dropping down. (and activating the central locking system?)

Could this be caused by a dodgy solenoid, relay switch, or something more serious?

The key fob is fine, because in the odd occation that the doors dont lock automatically, I can use it to lock as normal.

Any info / advice would be a great help

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