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z20let corsa c, car battery went flat and after charging it now has the following fault codes:

i have tried another ecu on it to rule out the ecu but same codes coming back!

the car wont run, all the faults are on the engine loom side of wiring :(

Not really sure where to check now
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no voltage at the coil pack or spark etc, there is fuel preasure to the rail

anyone had similar things happen or any ideas? :(

The other thing is, the conversion was done by someone else so not sure exactly how the wiring was done but I have fitted a front mount intercooler to it and had to move some wiring around so it was out the way of the pipes and wondering if the wiring has got damaged, ive hardly touched it!

open circuit however would mean a break in wiring... but on nearly all engine sensors? really.....?

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