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New here, I have a 09 insignia elite cdti.
So I'm looking into possible issue with the sensor on the intake, I do alot of mway miles and only averaging just over 30 mpg. Its can be difficult to start up and even won't start. I have a carly so plugged in and checked as no lights were up on the dash but it's throwing P0113 and a P0101 on a health check so I did a little probing and get pin 1 seemingly to ground but comes up 0.01v, 2 to ground at 0.0v, 3 is 3.3, got 12v on 4 and 5v on pin 5.
Not 100% sure on testing the sensor but iat is reading about 13 degrees lower than external temp on live data.
Does any one know the actual readings I need to be seeing on the harness as I can't find it anywhere and goes anyone have a wiring diagram. I have a Haynes but I can't see too much in the way I've sensor wiring in their schematics.
Any help will be appreciated 馃檹

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Here's a pinout and some diagnostic for the IAT,it looks as though there may be a short to voltage on the signal circuit

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