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This thread is here to give you some basic information on the infamous M32 gearbox that's well known for it's failures. It's simple & compact design means it's fitted to everything from the Adam to the Insignia's & everything in between. If you own a 6 speed Vauxhall then chances are it's got the M32 box. If your not sure send me a PM with your registration number and I'll find out for you. Let's start with it's most famous fault...

The 6th gear bearing. This bearing sits at the end of one of the two output shafts. Almost every gearbox we see has this fault. It's responsible for your twitchy gear stick & if you leave it long enough the total failure of your gearbox. The image above shows just some of the damage that will occur if you let this happen. Failures like this come about without any further warning so it's not worth the risk. There are companies out there that claim to fit 'uprated' bearings to Combat this failure. Here is the original 6th gear bearing next to the claimed uprated one...

...and here is what can happen to them after less than 30,000 miles

Both have started to fail in the exact same way! These bearings have done similar mileages, in fact the supposedly better uprated bearing had covered less! Not exactly an upgrade is it?

There's nothing wrong with fitting either bearing as both can last well over 100,000 miles if looked after correctly. Just don't be misled into paying extra & thinking your getting something better

There is another option however. Fit bigger bearings. At the M32 Guy we can upgrade your bearings for the same price some charge to fit those not so uprated ones. The difference with our bearings is a bit clearer

Our upgraded bearings are much larger so are better able to cope. They are 12% bigger in diameter and over 22% thicker

Compared side by side, our upgrade bearing overshadows it's little brother & puts others claims of uprated bearings to shame. Why pay for uprated bearings when for similar, sometimes even less money you can have the best bearings you can get for your gearbox? Ask about our big bearing upgrade when you contact us if your still not convinced!

Take a look at our website for more information on our standard repairs, rebuilds & upgrade options. We offer a complete drive in, drive out service as well as arranging a courier for those further afield or you can simply drop your gearbox off yourself.

If you wish to get in touch the easiest way is through our Facebook page. I'll also be on here most days to help answer any questions you may have.

You can also email us
[email protected]
or the good old fashioned phone call
075 4647 32 32
(8-5 Mon-Fri)
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