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I can't find the thread that seems to have gone - it wasabout leaking CHG or oil coolers. I am interested, cos I seem to have a similar prob.

Okay, so it's my Vectra BUT same engine as the Meega!

Before I rip it's heads off and blunder about changing head gaskets, can you think of owt else that could be the problem?

Symptoms -
Not run car for a while (DVLA issues), so ran it round the block. Suddenly, sounds very noisy, and oil light is on. Limp home very carefully.
Oil cap is covered in mayo, so check oil, and not alot wrong with the level, and no mayo on my stick (oo-err!). Coolant level down a bit.
Filled up with oil, started engine and it ran like a bag of spanners again, then quietened down a bit, then oil light came on again and I switched it off. Noticed coolant level down again -- this got me thinking that the CHG is/are FUBAR.
I have procured a head set, locking kit and just awaiting the head bolts to arrive, BUT I don't want to replace the CHG if it's say, oil cooler or even pump.
I've heard these engines get mayo'd up if used for a lot of short journeys, but I used it for work - about 20 miles each way.

Ideas, anyone???

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if its not been ran for a while, then you can get condensation, this is normal, after a good run, it should disappear.

Oil Cooler failure is normally presented by Oil in the water. The Oil to water cooler goes, and as the oil is at (a much) higher pressure than the water, then its gets forced into the coolant. So if you have oil in the expansion tank, then its most likley oil cooler.

If the head gasket has gone, then you will get water in teh oil, hence the mayo, and froth around the top of the dipstick.

Obviously, this is only a rough guide, as it can also have other symptoms.
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