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1.9 56 plate primastar

was running fine previously just drinking coolant

when sitting it will only rev just before 3k and im sure it used to go over just 3k (without the clutch pressed), also sure it would hold the revs steady now its drops slightly, goes up then drops again

its also pretty smokey when doing this, it never previously smoked (to the extent it does now anyway)

down on power, pretty sure the turbo isnt spooling

a few points of note:

i cant get the clamp to connect the egr pipe to the inlet manifold (egr is rotated in the inlet), so im guessing even though the egr valve is tight in the inlet its possibly drawing some air in causing it to run lean and be down on power?

the timing may be 1 tooth out, i positioned the crank by eye as i couldnt get the bolt out to lock the crank, everytime i put the belt on the cam looked ever so slightly off

could any of these cause of either the smoke or lack of power

ps, it was dark when i drove so unsure of the smoke colour, didnt smell like normal exhaust smell though
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