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Hi everyone,

I have specifically guided myself to the forum with the hope that someone can help !

I have a just bought a Meriva (hence my name !!) and have a Siemens CDR2005 radio with cd player.

I also have an ipod and am desperate to use it in the car. I have tried an itrip (rubbish) and speakers on the passenger seat (terrible), but I don't want to spent too much (Harman Kardon plug and play is a bit over the top IMO) and the Ice Link think looks poor too.

My questions are :

1) How easy is it to remove the radio myself - do I need a special tool ?
2) Can I fit my own AUX input onto the radio - I keep reading stuff on the Net that says you can fit those stereo inputs (the red and white ones), but I have not got the foggiest where to look and whether or not what I get is the right thing AND, most importantly, how easy it would be to fit it.

Anyone done this - or know how to ???

Your help would be very much appreciated



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Personally, I would recommend a transmitter. People say that they aren't good sound quality, but if you set your ipod volume to 1/2 and set the transmitter to 106.7 you won't notice the difference in a meriva. Lets face it, you can't go wrong for 99p on ebay, can you?

EDIT: This is the best I've seen.

EDIT AGAIN: just noticed you've tried itrip. I have used itrip once and it was crap, but my current transmitter is faultless and is really good if you set the ipod volume to 1/2.
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