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Hi guys
Sorry if this has already been covered but after searching I couldn’t find anything with the same symptoms, although I think it could be 1 of 2 methods to resolve.

Intermittently my driver side indicator sticks, I can hear a faint ticking noise which I believe to be the rely working but the indicator only flashes say once every 4 ticks.

I can’t seem to make this fault happen to test it, as it suddenly happens & then suddenly stops, frustratingly!

I’m guessing it’s the actual indicator switch/stork that is the issue rather than the relay but wanted to check if anyone had any further thoughts before getting a new stork etc.

So any thoughts or ideas are very welcome

Thanks in advance

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It's more likely to be the relay, they are troublesome on these.
If the relay is ticking, then the stalk is working.
The relay is actually two built into one unit, one part for the nearside & the other for the offside.
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