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If you get error "coolant level low add coolant", first check coolant level. It should be at middle on joint of two parts of reservoir.
If it is correct, check float (white ring made from foam) in reservoir when coolant is cold. It need to move up and down freely, so push it down and check will it come back up, it needs to float on top position.
-If not, whole reservoir need a change, float cant be serviced, it is bigger then openig.
-If float works then it is probably coolant level sensor located beneath reservoir.
  • Open battery cover. Black plastic on battery top, where plus is, is connected with battery with two clips, left and right. Relese them with flat screwdriver and lift up whole black plastic covering battery plus terminal.
  • No worry, it is connected with flex cable to battery + you can move it a little.
  • Now reservoir will have space to move toward battery, remember there is T part beneath with slot, so don`t pull up until it is free. Once reservoir is free, you can turn it and remove level sensor or remove whole reservoir.

You can buy new sensor, or repair old one very cheap (also aply on newer Astra, older Opels have closed sensor).
Material needed: Soldering iron, reed contact/relay (NO)

Problem is reed relay, which is normally open(NO) and magnet keep it closed all the time. If circuit is open warning message pop up. This stress contacts which starts to fail, so warning message can pop up periodically or stay all the time.
You can check old one with multimeter (ohmmeter). It should show OL (open loop, infinite resistance),but when you put magnet near it should be 0 ohm, if it show 100-200 ohm or couple Kilo Ohms (KOhm) it is defective (if nothing happened rotate reed 90 degree, contact inside should be flat to magnet)...

coolant01.jpg coolant02.jpg

Remove/unsolder old reed (notice where contacts are in glass tube), put new reed with contacts in glass tube on same level as old and solder it. Don't use excessive heat on reed.
Job done, cost less then pound!
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