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For some time I notice small ammount of water on left and right side of boot, benith light...First I thought it was dripping from boot door when opened, bu after some havy rain it start to leak. I found that water is coming from behinde rear seat, from column where seatbelt is, then it go throu shelf holder and drip in boot.

Problem is plastic cover with unadecvant sealent.

First you have to remove 5 plastic clips that hold plastic cover where hinges are and remove cover...

Locate plastic grommets, if you tap them you will see them move...

Remove plastic grommets, first trim sealant(just in case)...

Clean holes so new sealant can stick nice...

Clean covers from old stuff, using hair dryer will help soften material...

Use silicone sealant, put grommet back in place, sealant that pops out smear around for perfect seal ;)

Put back plastic cover and 5 plastic clips, for safety I put little sealent on rubber seal on every clip.
Job done!
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