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Hi, first post here.

Insignia Estate 2011 2.0

I was driving along with no issues, got to a roundabout then my dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree.

Battery light

My speedo stopped working, I lost use of electrical parts, windows, heaters, indicators, parking brake and the car was flat as a pancake.
I managed to get to work like this but upon returning to the car, I had lost everything, the car would not turn over. No lights on the dash etc.
I got the recovery truck to drop it off at home and had a few people look into it.
I bought an alternator incase it was this, (we checked the voltage from the battery to the alternator and seemed fine) we changed the battery over which gave the dash a bit more life but when turning the key everything goes off and the car won't start.

Any ideas would be hugely appreciated

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It sounds like a bad connection somewhere.
Check all the battery leads for a broken lead, follow them back to where the earth side wires connect, make sure they are all clean & tight.
Follow the live side wires back to where they connect (probably at the starter, I'm not familiar with these cars so just giving general advice on what I would look for).
Good luck!
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