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recently swapped head unit to an alpine cda 9855. on reading the manual for this i found that it is possible to have direct control over the amps (if you have alpine amps) in the boot. i like this idea and was wondering if any one on here has a full alpine set-up like this or if any one on here has seen a set-up like this. if so what did you think.

currently running jbl amps & subs, will switching to alpine amps over the jbl's improve the sound quality or would it be more like a step sideways. all opinions and advice welcome, thanks for looking.:beer:

Under normal usage, you should not need to alter the amps once set up. Sounds like a gimmick to me.
Tweaking the sub maybe, but not the amps.

Alpine amps are superb (especially pre 2001 V12 series).
Would you notice any real difference over your current setup? I doubt it.

Now Genesis amps.... :D
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