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We travelled to Paignton yesterday, towing our folding camper. Our zafira 1.9 cdti seemed to be performing really well, especially up steep hills, until we got to a few miles from the camp site.
She sounded like she was running of 3 cylinders and a loss of power.
I found a lay by and pulled over, opened the bonnet and the engine was shaking like made and very noisy.
Called out the RAC and the guy who came took a good look at it and came to the conclusion that the dpf was blocked and wasn't sure whether the engine is knackered or not.
He towed me to the nearest RAC approved garage, which was closed by that time.
They will take a look at it today 2/8/22.
I'm not usually a negative person but on this occasion, I fear the worst :cry:
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