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Note: It's not my fault if you put your feet through the floor by pressing too hard, snapping the pedals or starting the car and driving it through your house/garage door/garden/cat/dog/neighbour/hedge/fence/pedestrians etc. Basically, In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, don't blame me!
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 5 minutes
Pen and Paper (to write down the codes)
Quick reactions (to catch the codes)
Good eyesight (to watch the light!)
I bet you are thinking right now: "What is a pedal test?!"

A pedal test is a way of getting the car to flash up codes on the engine light. This is the also called the SVS (Service Vehicle Soon), or the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp). It looks like this:

You would want to use this if your car is running badly, and the engine light is on while you are driving, because of some fault. It may work for other warning lights. The error codes that come up will be flashed out by the yellow engine light.
When you get into the car, there are 3 places the key can be. Usually it's the first for the radio. The 2nd for the dashboard and info display, and then the starter for the 3rd.

Before you put the key in the ignition, press the brake and the accelerator to the floor (as far as they will go)

Now. Then turn the key until the dash comes on.


Wait 2 seconds and keep the pedals down to the floor. The service light should start flashing

It will start flashing. The number of flashes represents the digit of the code.

Basically, this means that the number:
1 = 1 flash
2 = 2 flashes
3 = 3 flashes
4 = 4 flashes
5 = 5 flashes
6 = 6 flashes
7 = 7 flashes
8 = 8 flashes
9 = 9 flashes
0 = 10 flashes (That is a zero)

Then there is a break of 2 seconds. It will then flash the next code and so on. Make sure you have a pen and paper, as it can be fast, and you don't want the wrong code!

If your code for example is 1230 you will get:
1 flash
2 second break
2 flashes
2 second break
3 flashes
2 second break
10 flashes

Then if you have another code, it will stop for a break of 2 seconds to give you the next code.

If you don’t have any codes stored it will just simply keep on flashing constantly until you release the pedals
Problems with this method...
1. You cannot tell if the codes are present (i.e. Happening Now). This means that the codes could be from ages ago and they could still flash up
2. You cannot clear the codes. That means again, that codes from ages ago which aren't present (i.e. not happening any more) will still come up
3. You obviously can't record live data to post here.
4. It doesn't work on older Vauxhall/Opel cars (usually before 2000)

To overcome all of these, I would suggest buying an OP-COM unit on eBay. That way you can record live data and read the codes properly.

Hope this helps :)
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