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Plug leads have a life span of approx 120,00 miles. Less if the rocker cover gaskets go as the plug shrouds are then nicely slow cooked in oil!

If you pull plug leads and find them covered in oil, then the rocker cover gaskets need changing. Don't bother changing the leads until this is done.
Excellent how2 on changing rocker cover gaskets is on here.
Change plugs and leads at the same time, much much easier!

First thing. The leads for the V6 are not cheap!!
Expect a dealership to charge anywhere between £150-£200 a set.
Mtekperformance on here will do a set of Magnecor 8mm leads (top quality leads) for £112!

Right now though, the real bargain is to be had from Megavaux. (0115) 949 7007 who are doing a full set of good quality oem leads for just £58.75 inc VAT.

Ok, changing the leads is not a fun job and will probably take around an hour.
Make sure engine is cold!

Remove scuttle (watch those black plastic locking screws under the rubber lip, remover to aovid losing them) and wipers for improved access.

Courtesy of James (Vectrolosys), here is a diagram of the cylinder numbers and the corresponding numbers on the DIS pack.



The DIS pack is mounted horizontally and just to the right of the rear multiram.

Replace the drivers side first as these plug into the lower holes on the DIS pack. These are the easy ones. :)

Start engine to ensure all is fine (ie no misfires!)

Now, passenger side is much more awkward.

Remove idle control valve. (undo jubilee clip and unplug connector).
Remove oil filler neck (simply twist to unlock).
Undo 2 clips holding wiring tray in place (E8 torx socket).

This will give you only a small amount of room to work with, but enough to do the job (it will hurt though!).
Remove plug leads, note, number 6 is an absolute swine to access, and as such is the first one I recommend to change.
You will not be able to see much at all, this is a job done by touch.

Once you have finally got them all changed, make sure all pipes are still connected before anything else.

Now reconnect idle control valve and then say a silent prayer as you turn the ignition on and start the car!

If you have done it right. Car goes vroom and you smile, knowing that is not a job you have to do again! :)

if car goes chug chug. Curse and go check all leads are on proerly and you have connected them in correct order (I got it wrong first time and much cursing was done!! :shame:)

Turn engine off and re-secure wiring tray and put oil filler neck back on.

Put scuttle tray back on (use a butter knife or similar to coax rubber seal back over top of the scuttle. Once in place lock back down with remaining black plastic screw fixings.

Replace wipers and check they are aligned properly.

Take car for test drive and be impressed at how smooth it is now! :)

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Just an addition, the DIS pack numbering is taken from the bulkhead forwards, so 1 for example would be passenger side, at the back, and so on :). Pretty much as LB66 has laid it out above.


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Remove scuttle, ie black plastic cover at bottom of windscreen and wiper blades (these come off first) to gain improved access.

Any problems, drop me a pm. :)

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hehe, thought so...

any advice is appreciated.
I've done some difficult jobs in the past like v6 alternator replacement and redrilling sheared manifold studs, etc so aint gonna shy away from a few hours fiddly work.

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