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I have a 1999 T-Reg Sintra 2.2 petrol. Have been having other problems that warranted disconnecting the battery, cleaning terminals among other things.

I removed the small bore black wire which is ground (along with the battery -ve lead) to the chassis near the main fuse box. As soon as I did the alarm started sounding. But the sounder noise quickly started breaking up and then died! AS DID THE ALARM.

It was working fine up to this point but now the red light at the TID either stays off or is permanently on but dimly. Needless to say, the alarm does not function. The central locking does function as usual with the remote control.

I have a feeling that there is no diode on the power supply to the siren or its internal battery and when one disconnects the car battery -ve lead, the ECU and any other electrical drain (such as internal lights etc) overload the alarm circuitry.

Dunno though. Maybe anyone out there has seen something similar and knows a trick or two to get the alarm to come back to life???

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