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Hi Everyone,

I was testing my Ampera in this nice and cold weather how much is the mpg using it in only the "hybrid" mode. I did 65 miles in total and got 21-22mpg which, in my view, is sh*t. Though the heating is on max mode with a temp set of 23C-25C and usually doing only 4-8 miles in one go in moderate traffic. I didn't try this in the summer time, so cannot compare. Any toughts?

The second, which I'm not sure is fully OK that I can go only up to ~20 e-miles, same setting on climate, same usual distance/go. I can't always, let say usually can't use the PH as the car is out of range to turn it on (I'm working on a signal amplifier to extend the remote's range). Although, the total power consumption is still 10.x kWh (whenever I deplet it fully before able to replenish). Does it sound all right?

BTW, I have a 2012 one with the 16kWh battery.
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