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Welcome to VxON :) Have you had a search of the forums yet.?

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Welcome to the forums mate. :)

I do believe this is what you want.

+12V Battery Supply Red

Ignition Supply Black

Earth Brown

Electric Ariel (Cavalier) Ariel Amplifier (Calibra) Red/White

Display Illumination (vauxhall only) Grey/Green

Speed of Car MPH (For speed sensitive volume on vauxhall SC804 radio)Blue/Red

Alarm Trigger (vauxhall only) Brown/Violet

Telephone Mute input (late calibra models only with vauxhall phone kit)Black/Yellow

Right Front Speaker +Yellow -Brown/Yellow

Left Front Speaker +Blue - Brown/Blue

Right Rear Speaker + White - Brown/White

Left Rear Speaker + Green - Brown/Green
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