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Hi all

Recently purchased a 1.9 Vivaro 2006 of a friend, Drove it home, changed the battery and for some reason it wouldn't start again:

  • i noticed all the electrics were working except for the Hazards/indicators, Central Locking and the immobilizer light is completely blank.
  • I took out the BCM and it was absolutely filthy, but i find it odd that this issue occurred after i put a new a battery in; was fine prior
  • also replaced all the main fuses on the battery terminal with no luck.
i am about to send of the BCM to a repair company; however, i just want to make sure that the BCM is faulty and not power to the BCM. but is it odd for the BCM ti Fail completely just like that?

  • does anyone know which fuse is linked to the BCM so i can check this?
  • Also plugged in Diagnostics and stated it cannot communicate to BCM but can communicate to Engine and ABS (just said no communication to ECU)
  • anyone had any issues similar to this before? cant find anything about immobilizer lights being blank.
  • i Have read how wires tend to corrode, so do not want to spend hours tracing wires and taking it all apart :(
any advice and help would be appreciated.

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