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I have recently purchased a 1998 2.0i ls diesel vectra estate. (73,000 miles)
The car was seemingly running well until a few days ago. Started it up drove a few hundred yards and was stopped at the lights. When I tried to pull away the Engine Management light came on and the car lost all power. Managed to get home in (limp mode) .. would not go over 1800 revs.

Called out the AA but when he connected his computer he could not read it. When he disconnected it the car turned over but would not start. Apparently he said that connecting his computer had caused this, he disconnected the battery for a couple of mins. and the car now starts but I stll have the EMU light permanently on and the car is virtually undrivable in limp mode.

I have looked through the threads and have seen conflicting advice with redards to the paper clip method working or not with diesels. Mine is located behind gear stick but the only used pins are 3,4,5,7,8,12 and 16.
This obviously means I can not connect 6and 5 or 6 and 4 as stated.

Can anyone help as I do not want to have to pay £75 quoted by local vauxhall dealers just to plug their computer on. I did get a local auto electrics to plug a universal computer into it but it would not connect properly for them to read any fault codes etc.

By way of a possible lead up to the fault I had noticed the EML coming on from time to time usually at low revs / speed for a few seconds and then going off when accelerating but did not think much of it as it did not seem to be effecting the car in any way.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Further to the above. I have now been advised by a different garage who managed to connect their computer that the fault is code 1220. After trying the easy things first the fault finding eventually resulted in a valve in the fuel pump which needs replacing.

Bloody marvelous - only had it 3 weeks and no warranty as it was a private sale!!!!!

Does anyone have any advice re- probable costs and or if I should buy a new one / or should I have the valve replaced or the whole unit reconditioned.

thanks in advance
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