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Ok, i have a 1.8 GLS 1997 Vectra.

Just a few problems...

It is getting difficult to change gears, it feels as though when i try and get it in gear it is not going in and on occasion it hasnt gone in any gears and i have had to stop the car, switch off ignition and restart. Usually it then works.
I presume it might be oil that is needed in the box so this leads me onto the questions.

1. Is gearbox oil change included in a Vectra Service?
2. Whats approx cost of a service?
3. Could it be any other problem, i.e not oil?
4. Whats approx cost of just getting a gearbox oil change.

And - Is there anywhere i can find out just what a full service entails?

I am absolutley skint and desperatly in need of my car.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance
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