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Hi I'm a newbie here
I have a mk4 astra 1.4 16v LS which i have only had 3 days and love to bits already.
My other half was doing some checks under the bonnet and was checking the expansion tank as i couldnt see the water in the tank.
He stuck his finger in the expansion tank and when he pulled it out it his finger was covered in a dark oil looking substance.
He tasted it and said it was very sweet tasting, but couldnt work out what it was in the expansion tank.
When he emptied the tank ,it was a dark reddish brown thick looking and said he thought he saw some copper filings in it.
He has emptied it and flush it thru and refilled.
I dont have any water in the oil, no loss of power, no white smoke and no mayo anywhere.
Any Ideas what this could be.
Would be grateful for any help and hints
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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