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Astra H Twinport 2005 1.6 Design Easytronic
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Hola, been putting this off for far too long but I'm on it now before it gets any colder.

The blowers aren't working on any speed. I picked up a cheap fan just in case ages ago, I've done that and the panel, but it's neither. Resistor looks good too, it's a light use car so clean as a whistle. Heat works, recirculation moves when pressed. Air con light does not.

Got the multimeter out and It seems there's no readout on the plug that powers the resistor. I've bridged all pin combinations and it's zero all round. 30A fuse (4, engine bay) looks good, swapped with known good one. Parts cannon is out of ammo surely!

Any bright ideas? What wires should I test? Anything in the boot? Relay?

Cheers in advance.
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