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Had my Handbrake give up the ghost at the weekend had a look under the car but didn't check the obvious and to me it all looked Ok on saturday and I was just considering adjusting on the sunday this never happened.

Finally got the local stapletons to check it over and having looked at my car myself, I didn't see that the drivers side handbrake cable had snapped near the rear wheel. (Always Check the cables front to back)

Having looked at it up in the air, I had them change the cables car went in at 8:00 for the check and it came out again at about 13:30 having had the repair.

The good part of today is I was only charged for the parts and not the labour as it took them so long and what with a late delivery on the parts needed. Bonus I think

Just thought I would share my good luck with all.

All good imo :Cool2:
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