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I have a corsa B 1996 with isuzu engine I have a problem with the glow plug timer. Usually I start the engine after I hear the glow plug relay click but I found out that when I start the engine it is giving again voltage on the glow plugs and after 5 minutes it clicks again ! is it normal ?

The voltage on the battery drops alot during the glow plugs are on and if engine seems to rev less ! after 5 minutes than is work ok (No voltage on glow plug) !! have someone had this problem ?

My battery is going flat every month and I have new battery, new alternator belt , serviced alternator (slip rings ,brushes,regulator and rectifier) , also glow plug relay checked working ok !

This glow plug timer system is common for astra, vectra and other diesel vauxhalls so you can help me alot 10x for help !

Sorry for typing a composition out but better describtion of fault !!!
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