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Some days, my Astra3 can pong of fuel. Some days it doesn't. I put this down to a "hot day" thing.

Today, I was inside the boot, and it reeked. So I followed my nose, lifted the rear seats, and lifted the flap in the carpet to reveal the "rubber cover" for the fuel pump/plate bit in the top of my tank. The smell was coming from under that.

One half of the "bolted plate" is wet. The bit by the wiring, not the bit by the outlet pipe. Not dripping wet, but if you run your finger along it, it comes away damp with what is unmistakeably fuel.

Now, I filled up it possible, would you say, that I have a duff fuel pump plate to tank gasket? If so, how hard/long does it take to change the gasket , and how much/where would I get a new one?

Or has anyone else out there got any more ideas about why it is wet?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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