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FS - Astra G - Custom Car Computer - Full System

OK i don't really want to sell this but due to losing my job and lack of money it has to go.

I think every one as seen this system.

Ok so whats included ?

  • Full Glove box, Which Includes the following

    -Custom Made PC System , 1.5Ghz 512Ram 80GB HDD Laptop
    -D/DVD Combo Drive (Writes Cd's), M2 Car PSU OBD Interface
    -Alpine MRP-T222 Amp
    -Custom Built into Astra G Glove box
    -Wireless Keyboard
    -Griffin Power Mate (The volume control under the handbrake)

    Custom Made Center Console With following features

    -8" Touch Screen VGA Screen (Custom Fabed into dash)
    -Custom Bottom Din Panel with volt meter + spare buttons (buttons not wired up but could be used for any car gismo or gadgets
    -Custom Looking Console with the standard MFD filled in and a Savage hazed switch in top
    -Custom Trimmed in Alcantara Material (Sued Like)

    -USB GPS Device
    -All Cables

    -Will Give many recipients of bits brought as they are still in warranty
    -Wiring Instructions will be included for hazard switch and PC
Much time and effort has gone into building this, I'm sure all of you have seen my build log -

For everything all in I'm looking at £900 + Postage (Around £20) ONO this is a bargain considering how much effort and work has been put in, this is a one of a kind system with the following features

  • MP3 Playback
    Video Playback
    Sat Nav
    Phone Control (would need to add blue tooth phone)
    OBD2 Diagnostics
    Radio (need to add usb radio device, around £30)
    Any function of a computer
    Don't think this is a bodgey job, can all be wired up to get proper crank control so system starts up and shuts down (hibernation) when ignition is turned.

No where else can you buy this!!!!!

Will go on ebay soon which I'm sure it will sell !!!!!

More Pictures on request !


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