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Hi, firstly I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to mechanics, so please be gentle.

I purchased a 2002 Frontera 2.2 diesel 12 months ago from Arthur Daley's clone and have had problems with it ever since.

At times the car drives well, I have easily had 90mph out of her, however, if going up hill or trying to drive full throttle, I feel a slight blip and and all power is lost. The rev's only reach 4000rpm, where prior to the blip they reach full red line without issue.

I have had a number of mechanics look at the car, which revealed that the ECU dashboard light has had its bulb removed. The first mechanic scanned and suggested an Injector issue, so I took it to an Injector specialist who scanned it and told me there was nothing wrong with injectors. They checked a number of things and finally replaced the Power Boost Sensor and some Vacuum pipes. This cleared the problem for a couple of days but it then returned. I took the car elsewhere, who replaced the power solenoid and cleaned the EGR. This likewise cleared the problem for a couple of days, however, the issue is now back.

Can anyone give me some suggestions that I can direct my mechanic toward please?

Thank you very much.
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