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Unfortunately my cav finally has to go its been sat gathering dust for a few months and i could do with the cash,the only real reason for sale is that ive racked up 9 points this year and i can afford to insure it

Its had alot of money spent on it over the time and has had the following work done:

Full engine rebuild approx 12000 miles ago with the following done:

bottom end re ground rebored
new pistons
new big end bearings gaskets
arp rod bolts
new oil pump
new fan belt
new clutch, clutch cable
top end new inlet valves exhaust valves
stem seals
all engine painted

The following extras have also been added to the car:

power boost valve

jr high pass panel filer

piper ultimate cams and double valve springs

lightened and balanced flywheel

turbo injectors

de cat pipe magnex back box

direct cold air feed

sparco strut brace

alloy header tank

angel eye headlights

suede steering wheel

meshed grill

17 inch wheels painted black

lowered 60mm at the rear 50 mm at the front

bonnet lifters

chrome spark plug cover

New water pump & timing belt 3 months ago (barely done 200 miles since)

The car runs 100% and has never let me down,but does have a few small problems:

The speedo stopped working about 6 months ago,as i havent drove it for 2 months the cars done 1000 miles tops since then.

Taps on cold for tops 2 minutes just like alot of redtops its just the tappits need de gunking,tho i think now summers here it might have stopped as it hasnt tapped when ive started it up recently

The steering can pull pretty hard to the left when accelerating hard,ive taken the car to 3 garages and they cant find anything wrong at all,had the bottom arms changed and that didnt make much difference so the only thing i can think is the racks got play in it.

A rear bush needs changing,i only know this as the car has been taken to so many garages thats the ONLY thing they could find wrong with the car when looking underneath.

The interior of the car is very good no rips and pretty clean,there is one panel missing from below where a cd player slots in but has never bothered me.

The bodywork of the car is pretty good condition,not perfect but not far off really.Theres a few stone chips on the bonnet but not many,a small area (a few inches) of lacquer has peeled off one side of the door above the mirror.Its started to do the same on the other side but not as bad (Pics to show).

All the arches are solid,the rear ones have been grinded down abit for the alloys and are just starting to get abit of rust on them but are still pretty good.Ive seam sealed them and used silicone sealant aswell to protect so the edges do look a little messy but its just seam sealer (Pics to show).

The car was undersealed by me before last winter,there isnt alot of rust on the car at all,all axles sills etc are in good nick there was a little rust on one of the sill edges but i treated and undersealed it.

The car has test till the end of October and tax till end of November but this is a very solid car thats been checked by several garages and the only thing they can find wrong for the next mot is one bush!

Check these links to see pics:

Im looking for £1000 for the car its had a small fortune spent on it and has been well looked after,its not perfect but i dont think its far off.The cars gotta be worth atleast the asking price in parts with all the engine bits and other mods.

The caris located in Bradford so let me know cheers!
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