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In this section.

Price, Details, & Links to other sites

  • All for sale threads MUST include a price, even if it's a guide price
  • Basic details of what it is you're selling. For example, if the ad is for a car, details on trim level, engine size etc must be given no 'For sale Vectra V6.. Pm for details' please
  • No simple links to other for sale adverts on other sites. It's fine to link to a for sale thread on another site, but accompany it with full detail HERE too. Most of the time you can simply cut & paste, so there are no excuses for not doing so
  • Parts for sale and breaking threads must have a brief list of basic parts and prices, no 'Breaking Cavalier GSI all parts available.. PM for details' please, just a simple basic list of a few items is fine.
  • Any advertisement of duplicate items in the same listing (5 or more) is considered trade and permission should be requested from the admin.
Failure to comply with the trading rules may result in the thread being closed at the moderator's discretion.


No bumping a post unless it has dropped off the first page and no bumping of a post unless you are the seller.

No placing of more than 5 separate adverts at any one time for parts that have come off the same vehicle! We have seen up to 15 separate adverts posted for items taken off the same vehicle and have had many complaints about this practise.

If you are breaking a Vehicle then use that as the title and list all your parts in the subject box. It is now 'not' acceptable to break down and list every part separately and if you do you adverts 'maybe' deleted!


Infraction points

If you reply to an advert with an unnecessary comment when you are not interested in the item for sale then you may be Pmd a warning or have your post edited. If you do it again you will be given 2 points that expire in 3 Months. Unnecessary comments are posts that do not directly relate to your purchase of an item and a few examples are:

It is not worth it
I can buy it cheaper elsewhere
Love it but can't afford it.
Shame you so far away.
That's nice.
Free Bump.

This also includes general 'chat'...

If you wish to provide information for the seller do so VIA PM only.

Please remember when selling items and linking to an ebay auction, the word "Ebay" must be in the title of the thread.

Failure to do this may result in your sale being removed form the forsale section.



The Vauxhall Owners Network (formally known as CavWeb-Forums) or any of it's Admin/moderators take no responsibility for any problems that arise from any item/s that are bought sold or traded in this forum.

Also please be aware:

If you place an item forsale on this site and agree to sell to a member of this site you are legally binded to see that sale through unless their are acceptional reasons.

Items bought and sold on this forum are still covered by the sales of goods act and must be AS described and fit for the intended use. The onus in a private sale is really on the buyer as he/she must ask for the exact condition AND how he/she wishes to use that item.

Having your PC out of action or not being able to get near a Pc terminal with an internet connection is no excuse for a slow or non existent delivery. If you start a transaction you must see it through and I take a very very dim view of people going on holiday without posting an item out first.

If you do fail to send an item and make no reasonable attempt to contact the other party involved you may have a dispute placed against you in the trading disputes forum located here:

If you fail to respond to a dispute in an allotted time (specified on the dispute thread) without a good reason you will be set to Temp Banned Trading Dispute and will only be allowed access to the disputes forum until things are mutually resolved.

By selling, buying or trading an item on the VxON forums you agree that If you do not respond to a dispute without a good reason you maybe banned and all the details we have on you maybe passed onto the mods/admins of other sites that have signed up to the Bad Seller Discussion forum. Don't come crying or threatening us with legal action if you fail to respond to a dispute and find your details posted in the Ripper Database Forum:
because by selling/buying here you agree that if you are involved in an unresolved dispute your details may end up on this forum.

Be weary of anyone with a low post count advertising high priced items and if you are tempted ask if the items can be collected as scammers/rippers won't allow pickups.

Check a sellers previous posts if they are selling an item as if its faulty they may have posted up a topic asking for help with it ;) Also in the case of low post count sellers you may be able to find out if a seller has added irrelevant replies to posts topics just to get their post count above the minimum post requirement.

Keep an eye on the Trading Disputes forums here:

as you might find that an item you are interested in is being sold by someone with outstanding disputes.

Please try and make as much correspondence with a potential buyer or seller on the the thread that it is advertised on. If you have to start a dispute because an item has been described wrongly, damaged, lost or hasn't even turned up then anyone dealing with the dispute will need as much public information as possible.

This also helps in disputes over postage amounts or confirming that a package has been sent by an agreed service.

Remember if you agree on a price, postage ETC in a PM, anyone dealing with a subsequent dispute cannot read these PMs. This applies to Emails too as we cannot view the source so the information contained cannot be used.

Lastly just because a user on here has a lot of posts it doesn't mean he is going to be a reliable buyer/seller so do your homework and make sure you have as much personal information on them as possible. Home Address, mobile/home/work telephone numbers & ISP Email Address (Not Hotmail/Yahoo) are basic details to get especially if sending a payment out to someone that's using PayPal.

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