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Hi Guys

Has anyone out there got any bright ideas, first off I’m talking about the Omega with the 2.5 L diesel engine not that I think in this instance it will make any difference if it was petrol.

My problem is the power steering has packed up and the fault was traced to the pump which has now been taken off and sent for repair.
The repairers have said the system needs to be flushed out before fitting the repaired pump which all makes good sense to me.

Ok there are two pipes which connect onto the fluid top up reservoir, one goes down and connects to the power steering pump via a banjo union unlike the one shown at B in the image but the same as the one shown at A.

Does anyone know the best way to flush the system out from the banjo at A, or could I simply pour fluid in at point C until it comes out at banjo A, although I think point C is the return fluid pipe so I would be flushing the system in reverse if you get my meaning.

Thanks to anyone who can shed some light


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Easiest way is to remove the return pipe, put a piece of pipe from the end of it into a can, (you may have to plug the hole in the reservoir) then just start it up & let it tick over while pouring new fluid into the reservoir.
Easier with two people of course and you can blip the throttle to really give it a good flush.
It can be done on you own with everything set up, I.E. reservoir pre-filled & funnel in the top to make it easier to top up.
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